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The Star That Wished Upon You

A poem, retrospective of a year full in emotions.

Biking on the tiled roads of Rome at night;
Lost, somewhere in-between everlasting ruins
And far reaching stone pines,
You slither down toward nearby alleys
Shunning the echoing hubbub from the valleys.

You don't mind the silence
When you ride, solitary warrior,
Twisting the streetlights' guidance
As you mirror a nocturnal breeze
Coiling by the Tiber's embankments.

Arriving near the Borghese Garden,
You hearken to the humming cicadas
Which, white noises, incite
To actions foreboding lacking foresight.

So you raise your eyes to a beautiful twilight
And see her, far up in the clear sky flickering
Wearing that same black silk dress fluttering:
She's a shooting star,
A friend from a bygone age.

As you meet, her calm cool eyes shine
Wild reflections of endearing universes.
She's grown well since you two last versed.
Her mystical smile now exudes of bona fide
Riches and spices, otherworldly.

Her unfathomableness animates your ride
To the People's square, unknowingly.
There, the cicadas' melody's overthrown by
The crowd, a throng of moths,
Buzzing around the Dancer of Fire.

By the cracking of the drum inspired,
He smears lamp oil on tablecloths
Before spinning them in a blaze.
She looks agape; and you at her agaze.
All hearts beat as one to the sounds of the drums.

You remember now how you felt when
She swept you away that afternoon of May;
Took you by the hand to the promised neverland;
And that you've sought for nothing else since then.


Awakening from your halcyon days,
You see the path to your star enclouded
By a crimson flood at your feet, decays:
Fleshed carrions freshly disemboweled;
You're clutching a dagger soaked in their blood.

You jump back on your bike,
Terrified of the corpses piled on the wayside.
You're bordering on insanity
As you spin your wheels toward infinity
Pursuing the very star that wished upon you.

Time stops.
It's the last time you'll truly see her.
You reach to her and hold her tight;
Fluid, her light disappears in your embrace.
You choose to stay, despite the rain heavily falling.

So destitute, you look upward:
Eternal twilight in the murky sky above.
Its colours now faded to grey,
You wonder what happens
When Love becomes memory
And if another star will ever see beyond
The drenched canvas that remains.

You've found the meaning of courage
At the cost of everything else.

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#-1 : The Start of Something

Preamble to the Blog Krim's Fictions

The Start of Many Adventures

Greetings, exalted guests, in the halls of Krim's Fiction. More precisely, in the nooks and crannies of my mind, the birthplace of too many fictitious worlds and adventures of disparate natures. This blog has been created to serve three purposes : firstly, to shed some light on the thoughts and fictions that so inhabit my mind (for they are obscure and still uncharted), secondly, as a tribune and spotlight to some of my more ambitious projects, and thirdly, simply to entertain the minds of readers, be them young or old. Evidently, what is to be sincerely expected from this showcase is nothing more than trifles and shenanigans until my ventures come to their expected fruition. In the meantime, revered reader, and in insight to what will one day surely become a grandiose work of art, I suggest that you sit down comfortably on whichever recliner is immediately available to you; that you slowly but surely - so as to not scurry the pleasure of the act - take numerous deep breaths of pure air from wherever you may be dwelling at the moment, as to finally attain the state of mind needed to truly appreciate the unraveling of these following intricate stories.

Thank you


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